4 Ways On How To Boost Google Rankings

So you have made a reasonable amount of content and you want to post it online. Chances are that you will run into an issue. You need to get your post on the top of the search list as fast as possible. Getting to the 1st page of Google is a challenge enough. Next to that, you will need to compete with the website rankings of all the other sites out there. At this point, you may think SEO is harder than you previously anticipated. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies out there that will help you speed up this process. By building your content using seo keywords strategies, you will be able to boost your google rankings. Let’s dive into some concrete tactics that will help your content in the long run.

1. Improve content quality

This is the most important aspect of getting your content high on the list for Google. Your content must be optimized for SEO and it must have good quality. This will ultimately improve your search rank and help you with traffic. We canât stress enough how important this strategy is. When making your content of a better quality make sure to pay attention to all the tools most WordPress plugins have. Make sure your content is has the right keyword density, written without mistakes, and tailored to the specific needs of your audience. Word press plugins do a great job of doing this

2. Image optimization

Most people think that images are not important in content writing. After all, itâs all about words, right? However, images make it much easier for Google to identify and increase the speed of your site. Your images should have descriptive file names, be compressed and include alt text. This works in your favor as google will have a better chance of finding you over the others.

3. Increasing Speed

This is a relatively new Google update. Mobile page speed was not a ranking factor until recently. Some donât need to worry about this because the speed update only affects some sites. But to be on the safe side, it is better to optimize your siteâs speed to make it as fast as possible. This couldnât hurt as it will make users like your site better which means more traffic. You may also improve your search rank by increasing speed.

4. Aiming for a featured snippet

Whenever a certain user asks Google a question, Google will display information from a website in the form of a snippet. This snippet appears in an answer box as the highest rank. It even goes above the first search result. You can increase traffic by getting your content featured in this snippet. Featured Snippets help increase visibility and credibility. Make sure your site and content have clear answers to questions. Google will see this and it will increase the chance of your site appearing as the featured snippet.